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John Anderson

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NV - Nevada Highway Patrol

Uploaded: July 13, 2002
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  • PTR-Jason (Private)
    12 years 5 months ago
    Oh yeah, they are usualy used for traffic enforcement becasue when they are popping radar on the side of a road they are able to get up to freeway speed faster than a CV, allowing them to merge into traffic safer and quicker than at a slower speed. This allows them to get on the freeway right after getting the radar hit so they dont get to far behind the speeder, having to play catch up, changing in and out of lanes of traffic at a higher rate of speed, possibly causing an accident trying to catch the speeder.
  • PTR-Jason (Private)
    12 years 5 months ago
    Regardless of if its fast or not, the Trooper can ONLY drive as fast as it is safe for traffic, road and weather conditions. They department WILL get sued if they have officers with a lead foot doing 130 down a freeway with lights and sirens and they hit someone. At about 60-70 MPH the unit will outrun it's siren and lights and sirens only REQUEST the right of way, not everyone yeilds very quick. The officer has to to move with traffic with the safety of other drivers in mind.

    Units like those are usually used for traffic enforcement and commerical vehicle enforcement. They can blend into traffic better than a CV even with the Edge lightbar.

    And to the comment about the Aston Martin, they can try running from an officer, and may be able to out run it, but they will also have to deal with the traffic and the slower drivers on the freeway. They can pass on the shoulders, but when idiots do that, they usually end up hitting a patch of dirt, fish tailing, then rolling their sports car, turing their very expensive piece of crap into nothing more than a tangled metal piece of art.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    13 years 5 months ago
    No it is used for traffic work. It is no where near as fast as a helicoptor.
  • Rey (Private)
    13 years 5 months ago
    I think purpose of this patrol car is not only to catch up with the bad guys on the hi way but to get at the location fast where help is needed, cheaper than a helicopter response right?
  • Captain of the obvious (Private)
    13 years 10 months ago

    Let me remind you of one fact. You aren't faster than a radio, because the fastest motor on the road is a Motorola.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    13 years 10 months ago
    Dear Derrick, All you have to do is get a an Aston Martin DB7, or Vanquish and this cheap peice of junk won't be able to touch you. Duh.
  • 15 years 10 months ago
    Those are Nevada Highway Patrol cars and I would not be speeding through the desert on the way to Vegas or Tahoe with these things on the road !
  • larry (Private)
    16 years 1 month ago
    what type of metal are the new chp cars made from ?