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Misc - Chevrolet Impala, 2000

Uploaded: July 13, 2002
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  • trooper52 (Private)
    13 years 6 months ago
    I am sure you could order surv mode switch at a Chevrolet dealer. I think 2000 and maybe 2001 are the only years the Impala had the surv mode switch. The 2000 Impala has all kinds of things cops don't like. Such as the surv mode is the only way to turn all your lights out while the car is running. There is also no way to turn the dome light out when you open the door unless you disable it. I guess by 2002 Chevrolet had got enough complaints from cops about these quirks that they changed them.
  • 13 years 6 months ago
    I have just bought a clean, unmarked police package Chevy Impala, 2000. My problem is that the surv mode switch has been removed. Is it a part number that I can order is from Chevy? Also, I would like the same part number for the sightsaverTM interior light so when the surv mode on the inside dome light will be red. Please help!
  • Paul Reznicek (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    I knew about the emergency brake trick, as I've done that on a few late model civilian GM's, both pickups and cars. On one of which the pedal was several clicks in and brakes draging before the lights went out. That just seemed like a jury rigged way to get around the DRL on a professional vehicle.
  • Timothy Wade (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    The emergency brake trick I don't believe is police package special - I recall using that on a truck I used to drive at a summer job I had - of course then you've got two lights on the dash glowing, one letting you know the stupid DRL's are off and the other saying the parking break is on. D'oh! Leave it to the General..

  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    Yes the 2000 + Impala has a switch on the dash called "surv mode" and that turns off the day time running lights. The Camaro also has the switch since I have seen them with the lights on and off. But I do not recall seeing it on the dash but itis there. The Impala switch is right next to the headlight switch.
  • Paul Reznicek (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    I've noticed that these new "Impalas", as well as the B4C Camaros the OHP has in my area are equiped with the daytime running lights, the Camaros lights being amber. Do these cars also come with a blackout feature that allows officers to do surveillance work? Seems like that would be a necessary feature.
    On the 99 Camaros, you pull up one click on the emergency brake and the daytime lights go off. I was told it was a police package feature. Not sure if any other years or the Impalas are that way.

  • Brad Elmer (Private)
    15 years 9 months ago
    Yea I speak for alot of deputys in Az Impalas really are cramp and when i get on as a deputy I hope I do not get one they just are very slow and to small

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    Yavapi County Sheriff Arizona
  • Rusty Wright (Private)
    16 years 2 months ago
    I wish the piece of junk, Impala, that our city bought looked even half as nice.

    R. Wright
    Norman, OK