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Australia - Victoria Police, Highway Patrol, Melbourne

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Uploaded: October 21, 2002
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  • 13 years 10 months ago
    That car is a (General Motors) Holden Commodore SS - they also use Ford Falcon XR6 & XR8 ( ball three very potent!).Nowadays (2005)the Victoria Police Service uses State Government licence plates on their vehicles, rather than the normal "civilian" one shown here.
    Unlike the US, there is only one Police Service (ignoring the Feds)within the State of Victoria. They provide all policing services within Victoria - sort of combined State Patrol/Sheriff's Offices/City and Town PD's. Same goes for the other States. And, of course, State police officers are also authorised to cross adjoining States in pursuit of alleged offenders - no protection from "crossing the State Line"!

    Thanks for the great site!