Chicagoland 2000

Photos by Dave Arnold

  • It's me again (Private)
    15 years 4 months ago
    love that Mercury....and the driver looked hot in the other picture.....please give him this message, my frequency is
  • Sandy Earls (Private)
    15 years 4 months ago
    Missouri HP 1972 Mercury
    best looking mercury in your whole archive..........
  • mike smith (Private)
    16 years 3 months ago
    you trying to sell it
    Yes. Every vehicle pictured on this entire website is for sale. Go to the main page at and click on the banner at the bottom that says, "support copcar dot com".

    Right now we're having our Spring Clearance Blow-out sale. Through May 15th, all Caprices pictured are drastically reduced for quick sale. Your pick of the litter is just $2800. That's right. Only $2800 for a classic LT1 powered 9C1 package Caprice.

    Hurry before the sale ends and you miss out.

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  • scott price (Private)
    16 years 4 months ago
    can you please tell me what police department this car belongs to? thank you very much. Ptl.Price


    It doesn't belong to any police department. It was a Chevy demo vehicle at the Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show in 2000 when they (Chevrolet Specialty Vehicles Division) brought a bunch of 2000 9C1 Impalas and a B4C Camaro for the EVOC course and displays
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    16 years 8 months ago
    1974 Dodge Monacos
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    16 years 10 months ago
    1974 Dodge Monacos
    how many blues dodges are still alive and driving and how many were distroyed