Return Day Parade 2004

Georgetown, DE, hosts an election day event called "Return Day" where the election results are brought to the courthouse steps after voting closes. It's a huge parade with all kinds of dignitaries This year, they invited up all owners of restored police cars to participate. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so cooperative but the cars that did make it were looking good. Photos thanks to Bob Herrington.

  • 72 FURY PURSUIT (Private)
    14 years ago
    PICTURE 032
    Steve, the officers pictured above are from my dept. The New Castle County Delaware Police. The officers love these draft horses. They say their stamina is unbelievable better than a regular riding horse and I can tell you first hand they are great for crowd control.
  • Joe A (Private)
    14 years 4 months ago
    PICTURE 032
    Steve, I don't know what department is pictured above, but I do know the City of Troy NY uses at a draft horse for mounted patrol. If I remember correctly the photo above is from the 2004 'Return Day' parade in Delaware.
  • 14 years 4 months ago
    PICTURE 032
    I'd like to know the department using the draft horses for mounted patrol. I'd like to have their opinion as to how well these horses work. I'm a retired mounted officer but never had the pleasure of using this type horse.
    Any infor or comments from other mounted officers would be appreciated