Gainesville, FL

Photos of the Gainesville, FL, Police Department's response to the Gulfport, MS area. Photos contributed by Ofc. Bret Traywick.

Bret Traywick and copcar dot com

Biloxi, MS

In Harrison county looters were getting 10,000 CASH bonds only, not adjustable for 90 days. So they were going to be in for a while.

Uploaded: September 17, 2005
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Nikon E4300


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    13 years 7 months ago
    This U.S. 90 at the Hard Rock Hotel looking west. The locals officals were worried about this guitar before Katrina coming ashore. It's odd what Mother Nature can do. The Hard Rock hotel was about to open until Katrina came a through. Just pass the guitar is the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino. The storms surge was up the interstate 110 over pass at U.S. 90 just pass the Beau Rivage.
    These pictures are real sobering