Gainesville, FL

Photos of the Gainesville, FL, Police Department's response to the Gulfport, MS area. Photos contributed by Ofc. Bret Traywick.

Bret Traywick and copcar dot com

Pass Christian, MS

These are Pass Christian patrol cars where they ended up after the hurricane and storm surge passed. This is why the donated cars were so important.

Uploaded: September 19, 2005
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Olympus C-4100Z (C4000Z)


  • Richard (Private)
    13 years ago
    No but according to several of the cops I talked to back home, they were hold up in the Library off second street at the time the storm hit, our public saftety buildings are all pre-fab (Central Fire, North Street, and Second St Police), as the water approached, they used their service weapons to gain exit thru the windows, and go to the roof
  • William (Private)
    13 years 6 months ago
    I agree. they are just police cars and can be replaced. You cannot and never will replace life, courage, honor, and bravery. I too hope a offcer was not in these cars at the time it was swept off.
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    13 years 6 months ago
    that is the gayest comment i have ever seen on the internet. How about "Boy, I hope there was no one driving those when they got swept away like that"

    -PO from MA

    Yup, some of the comments are pretty stupid.

    Dave Arnold
  • (Anonymously) (Private)
    13 years 7 months ago
    The Steethawk light bar is no big loss, but too bad about the rest of the car.